Slow Feeding Bowls

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Slow feeder bowls

Does your pet seem to almost gulp down their food, without even chewing? Does it seem to only take them seconds to devour a whole meal? Slow feeding bowls could be the answer to help slow them down!

Our pets will eat quickly for a variety of different reasons. Their ancestors had to be opportunistic when it came to food, and if they did not eat quickly, the food source may well have disappeared before they had a chance. Some of our domestic pets still retain this instinct today.

Depending on where your pet came from, this could also influence their feeding habits. Rescue pets may not have had access to a lot of food before you got them, therefore they may feel the need to gobble it up fast. Sometimes if the animal was part of a big litter, this can also influence them as there may have been competition for food from their litter mates. Slow feeder bowls can be an enormous help for these types of pets.

Eating too fast can have significant repercussions for our pets. It can cause bloat, vomiting and other gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore, it is very worthwhile to make to effort to help slow them down at mealtime.

Slow feeding bowls were originally designed to slow down greedy eaters. These days however, they are used for pets of all shapes and sizes to help add some interest to their daily meals and enrich their lives for the better. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes and normally have some sort of pattern on the inside, to make feeding interesting.

These patterns provide just enough challenge that pets have to manoeuvre food around them, but shouldn't be so hard that they get frustrated trying to eat their meal.

For more information and a list of different types of bowls that are available, have a look at this website-

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