Medical Services

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Albany Veterinary Hospital
312 Albany Highway
WA 6331

08 9841 1788


We use x-ray to look at dense objects like bone but also to view soft tissue like the abdomen , heart and lungs. We have a purpose built x-ray room that houses a mobile x-ray machine  

We then develop all films on site to ensure the fastest possible diagnosis and treatment. 

If your pet needs an xray they will need to be admitted to the hospital for a day. The veterinarian will contact you to discuss their finding and discuss a treatment plan prior to discharge.


This procedure involve examining the inside of our patients body with a light/camera which is attached to long, flexible hose like structure holding fiber-optics. This equipment allows us to examine the organs without causing any trauma. 

We often use this equipment in patients that are awake to view throat, airways and lungs - mostly in our equine patients.


Is a painless procedure that uses sound waves to make images of organs with in your pets body. The waves react differently to different structures and can therefore give us an image on a screen that we  can interpret. It is quite a skill and which takes time and further training to correctly interpret.

Mostly our scanner is used for looking at organs like the live or kidneys, or even the bladder or the heart. In our equine patients we scan tendons.

Pregnancy diagnosis is other way the we use this equipment. We can scan bitches  and queens from 4 weeks.

Depending on the procedure, we can ultrasound in the consult room but often we will require your pet to be admitted for the day. 


We have been instrumental in returning many stray dogs to their loving homes after scanning them for a microchip- especially after thunderstorms or fireworks.

Euthanasia & Cremation

A sad fact of pet ownership is that, when you take a pet into your home, you are likely to have to cope with the death of your pet. Their lifespan is just not as long as ours. Sometimes, owners will need to decide on the time for their pets euthanasia.

In the event of a pet's death, we are able to organise cremation and/or the return of your pet's ashes, if you wish.

Clinical Pathology

Albany Veterinary Hospital boasts the most advanced laboratory equipment in the Great Southern.

We do tests on blood, urine, skin, ears and can have the results before your pet is ready to go home.  For emergency or extremely ill patients rapid results can make all the difference.  

For more specialist testing we have the option of sending samples to Perth or to a Specialist Clinical Pathologist. 

Once we have the results one of the veterinarians will contact your to discuss their findings and treatment plan. 

Clinic Run

On the first Wednesday of each month we do a 'run' to out lying areas to assist in the veterinary care of your pet's. We start in Gnowangerup then Ongerup, Jerramungup and finish in Borden, before returning home. If you would like an appointment, please contact the office, in Albany.