Canine Behaviour

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Puppy Training

A NEW PUPPY..... how exciting!

Getting training early is really important as we want you and your puppy to have a positive and rewarding start.

We call this training Puppy Preschool. At Albany Veterinary Hospital Puppy Preschool is a 5 week course designed for puppies between 8-16weeks of age. We think this is the critical learning time in puppy’s life where they need positive reinforcement training in a safe environment to help them develop into well adjusted, well mannered, obedient adult dogs. It is very important for puppies to get exposure to new experiences e.g. other puppies/dogs, other people/children, loud noises etc this in turn will assist puppy to learn important social skills and develop confidence.

We try and limit our classes to 6 puppies to ensure personalised attention in a calm environment so we all start off on the ‘right paw’. Having the classes at the hospital also helps the puppy, and owner, be more relaxed in the clinic for future visits regarding veterinary matters.

The aim of PPS is to educate Puppy and Owner in a variety of areas in relation to K9 care and training. Each class breaks down into 4 categories: Training, Socialisation, Behaviour and K9 Health Care.

Classes are run at the Clinic for 1 hour, one evening per week for a 5 week period. The classes start at 6.15pm sharp on the selected evening each week.

We have been running preschool classes since 2000, the 1st clinic in the area to run preschool classes, and our Preschool Instructor has had over 10 years experience in K9 obedience training.

Cost is $120 to be paid on the first night.

Good Manners

Good Manners classes are designed for adolescent (from 5 months old) and adult dogs, with or without prior training. They are offered either as a small group (maximum 6 dogs) or one-on-one training sessions. These classes are run during office hours. We focus on refining obedience training techniques and problem areas over a four week period.

Proof of current vaccination will need to be shown to your instructor prior to your first class 

We cover:

  • Sit on command
  • Drop on command
  • Stay on command
  • Stand on command
  • Come when called (Recall)
  • Wait on command
  • Sit for examination
  • Good lead manners
  • Loose lead walking
  • “Free” exercise
  • Attention to owner - “look”
  • How to politely greet other dogs
  • Trick Training

This course compliments the Puppy Preschool class we offer.

Cost is $220.00 to be paid at the time of the 1st class.

To make a booking please contact the office on 9841 1788

Behavioural Consult/Training

Behavioural Consult/Training is a one-on-one session, which usually requires more than 1 session, designed to modify inappropriate behaviour. We cover basic obedience and educate owners how to identify the ‘cues’ given by the dog to redirect the dogs focus before the problem occurs.

Our K9 Trainer

Chantelle has been with the practice for over 10years, she is a fully qualified Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse and member of the Canine Association of WA. Chantelle has been running the PPS classes, at the veterinary hospital, for over 8years. Chantelle also attends training/behavioural seminars so she can provide clients with up-to-date training methods and keep her own skills up.

With a keen interest and knowledge in K9 training and behaviour, Chantelle spends a lot of her free time educating and training her own ‘Pack’ of 3 Siberian Husky X’s, one of which has just been awarded her 2nd state acknowledged, obedience title, and another on the way to her 1st title. Being motivated to obtain these titles Chantelle travels the State, with Husky’s in toe, to compete in Obedience Trials held by various Dog Clubs. Chantelle often spends time training her Husky’s at her local dog club.